1. Hurts So Good

From the recording TRENDING

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She wants diamonds and clothes, no pay
Take a bullet for her, I say
When I’m with her, I got to linger
She got me wrapped around her manager finger

You want to take to my love, would die
And when I tell you to jump, how high
It may be worth it, the way I work it
I’ve got the body of an angel, but the devil inside

My baby knows it
Some kind of Romeo
She’s really got a hold on me
But you like it
Yeah you like it
Really like it
Ooh I think it hurts
My baby knows how
She has a thing
She’s the only one who will fix me straight
But you like it
Yeah you l like it
Really like it
Ooh I think it hurts so good

She keeps me up all night, no sleep
The girl’s knocking me right, off your feet
She’s putting on a show, a love TKO
I’m feeling dizzy, room is spinning
But I still believe I’m winning cause

Repeat Chorus

Taking that pepper like royalty
Gonna put me on the top cause I’m the queen
Can’t take that crown from me
Bad bad baby get on your knees
Gonna stop stop me
I’m gonna take you down, take you down
Like a what you see, go to town, go to town
Put me on a pedestal
I like it when I’m there
Tell me that you love me and that you really really care
And I like that, I like that
I like it how you move
You work so hard, you got something to prove
Yeah I’ll be the leading lady you’ve been dreaming of
Put you to sleep then I’ll wake you up
Oh I know you want more, then say goodbye
Then you’re knocking at my door,
I won’t break your heart
Like you’ve been a good boy
But you better think fast
Cause I hurt so good

Repeat Chorus